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08 January 2013

Review: Hisako Hiseki, Spanish Charm Concert, centenary of Montsalvatge.

Hiseki is a specialist in Spanish music, who has learned from Alicia de Larrocha and even won the Isaac Albéniz Medal. The first piece, “Danzas fantásticas” by Turina, flowed as expected, smoothly and with a beautiful touch. I would only say that it was maybe too smooth, without any prominence. Then her condition got better and it took intensity, following with “Berceuse a la memoria de Óscar Esplá” and “Tres Divertimentos” by Montsalvatge (1912-2002), where we enjoyed the feat of a modern harmony, a beautiful and simple melody and a touch of originality and humor. It is said that he is a multifaceted composer, and it really feels like he could achieve more popularity. In the second half, after the break, she played “Escenas Románticas” and “Canción de Mayo” by Granados. She expressed very well a romanticism full of melancholy, both from the composer and personal, and a brilliant pianism. It was brimful of Spanish charm.

Tsuda Hall, November 11th
Yasushi Kurabayashi