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17 March 2012

Review: published on Hamarikyu Asahi Hall by Yasuhiko Sugano.

Having received lessons from the master Alicia de Larrocha, Hisako Hiseki performed with a genuine charm the heart of the Spanish people using resources like tone and touch. First of all, in Granados’ “6 Pieces on popular Spanish Songs”, using a medium-low register, she made specially tangible the emotion in the copla and the guitar evoked by her performance of Prelude”. She also interpreted splendidly “Ecos de la parranda” with her graceful touch and “Zapateado” with a very dynamic expression.
The refined expression in “4 Spanish Pieces” of Falla, specially the undulating interpretation of “Aragonesa” and the gentle touch in “Montañesa”, showed a feeling of profound charm, and she produced a deep impression with the modulated expression and strong accent of “Andaluza”.
Regarding the 2 pieces of Montsalvatge, “Habanera” reminded waves with her interpretation and an impressed us with her expression of great delicacy. She also played “Sonatine pour Yvette” with a unique tinge, speacially in the last movement, when her interpretation was like enveloping us with her mastery of dynamics.

November 17th 2011,
Hamarikyu Asahi Hall.
Ongakugendai Yasuhiko Sugano.