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21 June 2016

The recent trip to Japan of Hisako Hiseki has been full of activities related to the music of Granados.

We recall that this year is commemorated the centenary of the death of this great composer 
And we also announce that in October will be published a new edition of the score "Goyescas", reviewed and commented by Hisako Hiseki 
About the new edition of this score and preparing to give the Granados concert on next 20th October, our pianist has been performing these activities:
- On day 13, recording at Tokyo FM radio, in the Kannon program.
- On June 14 in Ginza Yamano-gakki of Tokyo, conference and masteclases about Goyescas. This was the first of four other programmed conferences.
In these lectures Hisako Hiseki on the piano, explains Goyescas, compares and relates the music with the scenes of the opera that later Granados composed with the same name. "El Pelele" and "Requiebros" were recorded on video.
- Masterclasses to students
-  The 15 day was devoted to answering interviews to "Friends of Music " and "Musica Nova ", the two music magazines.

Also, these recent days in Japan, Hisako Hiseki has been encouraging his followers to participate in a important crowdfunding campaign, to help finance the live recording of the concert on October 20. On the CD will appear the names of all micro-patrons who have contributed to make this possible.
As you can see,these activities to publicize the magnificent work of Enrique Granados will continued in October. Hisako Hiseki will make again a tour through Japan and Spain to play in concert, the integral of the Goyescas suite and to present its new edition of the score of Granados and later his new CD,